Outdoor Style


Wanna kick it up a notch outside? As much as we love our plants, we understand that the right mix of structure Fountainand style will enhance a  landscape in a way that just cannot be accomplished with vegetation alone.

Close your eyes and listen to the water cascading from this gorgeous fountain.

Imagine trailing your fingers in the cool water, as you relax by its edge. Or, maybe you’re just a bit farther away, admiring the punch of colorful plantings surrounding its base.

Getting the picture?

Maybe you just want a small trickling near your deck. Or a colorful basin bird-bath just outside a picture window. We’ve got you covered there too.20160402_155445

Of course,  you’ll want to situate a charming bench nearby…

Or maybe a little bistro table where you can drink your coffee and enjoy breakfast near your gorgeous garden.

Our offerings are handpicked and guaranteed to delight.

Here are just a few of the delicious garden accessories we’ve featured in our store…


20160402_153719  20160402_153729